Serveball has invented the world's first intelligent throwable camera, a ball capable of full spherical 360° panoramic photography and stabilized high-speed video capture.

Today, as this fledgling space takes flight, we're engineering state-of-the-art technology for the decade ahead. Simply put, cameras and sensors are going airborne.

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Squito prototype camera ball, US Patent 8237787

First generation prototype of Squito throwable camera ball. Equipped with embedded
cameras and position sensors,
Squito is being developed to capture images and video over the course of its airborne trajectory.

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Serveball is now leading the development of throwable cameras capable of processing stitched landscapes, stabilized video and full 360° immersive panoramas for reconnaissance and recreation.

Unlike throwable cameras useful only when they land, Serveball cameras operate over the course of their trajectory, while airborne.

German Design Award 2015

Our patented Squito™ and Darkball™ cameras, in development for manufacture and license, are equipped with embedded orientation sensors, position sensors and high-speed, wide-angle optics.

Applications for throwable cameras include VR, action sports, first responder / search-and-rescue, inspections, aerial photography, cartography and Steadicam-free filmmaking. And much more.

For night, dark, smoke and fog, Darkball™ reconnaissance cameras add wireless transmission of real-time omnidirectional infrared (IR) video. Darkball™ architecture is designed for plug-and-play integration with thermal imagers, CO level and other atmospheric/environmental sensors.

Early prototype throwable wireless
30 FPS near-zero latency
multichannel color video transmission
MSRP (est): $199 BW-RGB / $499 IR / $999 thermal

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Prototyping in dark environments has led to patented innovations and development of Aerfire™ throwable/projectible light sources (visible/IR) and sensors.

Because throwable cameras for work and play, and for saving lives.

Squito prototype camera ball, US Patent 8237787

Early working prototype
"trajectory trigger"
employs a 6 DOF IMU
for stabilization and
target tracking.

Darkball 1st gen prototype, US Patent 8237787, 8477184, patents pending.

Darkball™ 1st generation prototype.

Throwable camera technology has unparalleled potential, whether capturing 360° photo spheres, immersive fly-throughs / flyovers or environment mapping.

As a reconnaissance tool, camera and sensor technology must perform reliably when airborne, upon high-g impact, and at the front lines of search and rescue, first responder and tactical operations.

The world's first throwable camera network.

In defining this new generation of devices, we've been designing the world's first throwable camera network, in which a deployed camera shares data, not only with a remote receiver or cloud-based processor, but with network devices — including other thrown cameras.

Squito 360 degree camera

360° Panoramic Video

Now imagine a network of throwable devices, collaborating to build complex geometries, gluing together bits of imagery and sensor data from a large landscape.

An array of thrown cameras and sensors, each in an independent trajectory while together collaborating to define an environment, has has extraordinary potential for simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) applications.

Squito prototype camera ball, US Patent 8237787

The Serveball IP portfolio details a broad range of thrown or projected cameras capable of using real time location, orientation and sensor information available over the course of an airborne trajectory. We're interested in working with IP partners to catalyze innovation, growth and collaboration.

Proudly invented, developed and Made in USA.

Serveball technology — including our state-of-the-art stitching library, is under development in our Boston-based workshop. Serveball does not outsource research abroad, nor do we import core technology. Tackling these conceptual and technological challenges, we're uniquely positioning Serveball as the leader in the throwable camera sector.

Squito prototype camera ball, US Patent 8237787

Squito prototype camera ball, US Patent 8237787
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