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For major announcements, the best way for us to reach you is by e-mail. Send us an e-mail with "Mailing List Only" in the subject line to subscribe to our general mailing list. We do not send e-mail regularly, only occasionally.

When will Serveball throwable cameras be available, and at what price?

We won't announce a ship date, price or specifications for Serveball throwable cameras until we're capable of entering full scale production.

As with each product that we've manufactured and/or licensed since 1989, we anticipate producing the highest quality product at an affordable price.

Serveball is developing throwable cameras capable of capturing images and video while airborne. This objective extends far beyond transmission of data upon landing (i.e. a throwable baby monitor) or at a still point in the trajectory (i.e. capture only at apogee).

There are additional challenges in developing and manufacturing a throwable camera. Customer expectations range from image resolution to high-g impact resistance. Operation to battery life. Interface and housing design. Price is a significant factor for most applications. A host of other performance expectations must be addressed.

To summarize, we expect our first production unit to be stellar in Version 1.0, so we're taking the necessary time for R&D.

Send us an e-mail with "Mailing List Only" in the subject line to subscribe for updates on availability.

Is there a Kickstarter? Can I invest?

We are interested in connecting with private investors to bring Serveball products to market.

Our approach to crowdfunding is conservative. We're keenly aware of the value of building working prototypes in advance of soliciting backers with concepts promoted as "production ready."

If you would like to received future notices regarding investment opportunities, send us an e-mail with "Investor Updates Only" in the subject line and we'll notify you of any opportunities.

We will not add investor inquiries to our general mailing list, so please subscribe to our general mailing list separately if you are interested in other announcements.

You've been at it for nearly a decade? Why so long?

In 2008, when we began research and development of throwable cameras, personal UAVs were largely the interest of a small DIY community. Working in synch with personal UAV pioneers, among others Chris Anderson and the late Fabio Varesano at, we considered ourselves among a small group of companies breaking ground on truly new technologies.

Since those early years (and notably since our earliest throwable camera presentations of mid-2009), consumer action camera and UAV/UAS markets have experienced unprecedented growth. The timeline of our own development objectives for throwable cameras continues to converge with the ever-increasing availability of powerful consumer-level imaging and navigation microelectronics.

In parallel with our investment in R&D, consumer awareness necessary to support product viability has accelerated. In recent years, throwable technology has begun entering and capturing the consciousness of consumers.

As with every product manufactured by our company since 1989 —including a number of market-making digital imaging technologies, Serveball will not sell or promote a throwable camera unless targets for quality, rugged reliability and price are met.

Can I sign up for testing?

We're not seeking beta testers at this time.

If you'd like to get on our radar, send us an e-mail with "Beta Test Only" in the subject line and contact info in the body. Although you will not receive a response immediately or during our current stage of development, we can consider your e-mail down the road when we are seeking 3rd party testers.

We are adding beta test inquiries to our general mailing list so you will also get any general updates by e-mail — no need to subscribe separately.

Is any additional information available about Darkball™ or Aerfire™?

No, Darkball and Aerfire products are in the development workshop, no specifications are available.

For now, if you are interested in Darkball or Aerfire, subscribe to our general mailing list. We will likely narrow down inquiries at a future date, but we will send a general mail when that time arrives. To subscribe, send us an e-mail with "Mailing List Only" in the subject line.

Where can I learn more about the technology?

Visit our timeline for references to our own published material. We've also included some notable milestones in throwable camera technology.

Patent applications listed are published, usually 6 months after each respective filing, searchable at USPTO, WIPO, EPO, etc. using patent application number or using "camera," "ball," "panoramic" and related pairings of keywords as search terms. Provisional applications are also published, available at USPTO via PAIR.

Squito is the world's first intelligent throwable camera?

Yes, and we're continuing to develop cutting-edge technology along with colleagues, companies and communities in imaging and sensor tech, as well as unmanned aerial vehicles/systems (UAV/UAS) industries.

For nearly a decade, we've published our discoveries and findings, making public presentations, conducting interviews and working with other technology innovators. Our focus at present is research and development — not marketing. We don't plan on making regular public announcements until a product is available to ship.

Why is the Haiti earthquake often mentioned with respect to innovation?

We're often asked about the Haiti earthquake, and certainly the tragedy was a springboard for innovation in camera technology. As one example, a unique 360-degree camera manufactured by Immersive Media, aptly nicknamed the "Haiti 360," garnered national attention as a result of its contribution to the reconnaissance effort. For years earlier, commercially available throwable cameras were being deployed in search and rescue and tactical operations worldwide, notably the ODF Optronics Ltd. EyeBall R1. We presented a number of our early intelligent throwable camera prototpes in 2009, during our Boston-based rollout, but unfortunately we did not have technology that would have been useful on the ground in Haiti, in January 2010.

Considered VR applications? Submersion? Tethering? Alternative shapes?

The possibilities are extraordinary, stay tuned for information as available.

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